Why You Should Try To Blog Daily

There are times when you may lose focus or feel like you are not writing the blog you thought you would write. Many bloggers find themselves with writers block or feel as though they don’t know what direction they want to move their blog into. A couple of years ago Hannah set herself the goal to blog every single day, not necessarily publishing every single piece but without fail, sitting down at her laptop to write something every single day.

She didn’t complete the whole year as over the 6 months she managed, she finally found herself. She realised who she was as a writer and felt that she had learned all she could learn from the experience. Of course we all continue to improve and no doubt she has found herself time and time again since but those 6 months taught her invaluable lessons in her blogging career.


Blogging Daily Will Teach You

1. How to be Yourself

Some days you won’t have a clue what you will write, you will look to others and wish you could create fantastic content like theirs. By forcing yourself to sit down to write you will force yourself to find something, anything to write about.  It doesn’t matter really but it will help you hone in on what interests you and what you enjoy writing about. You will find your voice.

2. How to make a deadline

By writing every single day and hopefully publishing each post, you will learn to write quicker, with more efficiency. Working to a deadline can help many people find their focus and helps them to dig deeper to find something to write about. This will hold you in good stead if you decide to go pro as you will have deadlines to work to when working with brands.

3. That writers need routine

If you have a set time when you must sit and write every day, you will build up momentum. After a while you will enjoy it and it won’t be a chore. Get into a routine, into a rhythm and you will soon forge a habit- habits stick.

4. You have skills you didn’t know about

To write a blog you need to be able to write, edit photos, know a bit of coding and be a whiz on social media. As you develop and evolve you may move into the world of vlogging too.

5. You don’t have to write everyday to be a top blogger

When you look at bigger bloggers you will notice they don’t blog every day. They rely on evergreen content and loyal followers.  If you can start off blogging as much as possible you will grow your audience and over time you can ease off a bit.

6. Not everything you write is great

By writing every day you will soon realise what a good piece of writing looks like. You will see what your readers respond to and what posts fail miserably. It is ok not to be fantastic all of the time during this process, you don’t have to publish everything but making a point to write every day should be the goal.

7. Reading is key

Reading is the foundation of all learning and is definitely key to being a fantastic blogger. Read books, read magazines and read other blogs.  If you spend all of your time writing you will run out of inspiration so it is important to enrich your mind.

8. Blogging isn’t about money

Now obviously many many bloggers make a great wage from blogging and of course this is something to aspire to. Have that as a long term goal by all means but don’t let it bog you down in the early days. Find your voice and blog for you, if brands and companies like you then they will find you. If you constantly wonder why brands aren’t knocking on your door you will dampen your spirits and lose self belief so make sure you keep positive and keep believing that you will succeed.

9. Your interests are most important

At times you will find that you write posts because you feel that is what your readers will enjoy. However, if you look at your stats you may be surprised to find that the most popular posts are those that you enjoyed writing the most. People can resonate with a post that is written from the heart. So when you write, write for you and people will flock to your blog.

10. Blogging is hard work!

It isn’t all free stuff and fancy posts, there is so much going on behind the scenes that people just don’t see.

  • going to events;
  • taking photos, making videos, creating audio;
  • planning and writing posts;
  • editing photos or videos or audio;
  • reading and researching;

Most of this is done purely for the love of blogging, that is why we do it isn’t it? But at some point, when those hours increase to the point of being a job, you want to see some pay off. Paid opportunities will come and you have to decide whether the task is right for your blog. It can be hard to turn money down but you don’t want to lose your credibility for the sake of one post.

What Did Hannah Learn?

Forcing myself to be creative and to write everyday was wonderful for finding my voice and my passions. It’s been an interesting experiment that has taught me many new skills, including a better understanding of how to get the best out of myself! I’ve learnt to respect and value what I do and appreciate how far I’ve come. I also realise I’ve a lot to learn but that’s the fun bit!

What do you think? Could you blog every single day for a year?

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