Instagram is one of the lesser known ways of building a blog following. It is easy to understand why FB and Twitter bring in the traffic but if you can do Instagram well it can help people see a little bit more of a personal side, as well as an artistic side to your life. We recently went to Britmums and one of the stand out talks of the event was that of Katy from Apartment Apothecary. She shared her tips for Instagram and we brought them to you in our social media round-up of the event.

The Live.Love.Blog team have an Instagram account and it needs filling up! Possibly one of the main annoyances of IG is the fact you cannot switch between accounts easily- so our own personal blog accounts are full, leaving LLB lagging behind! We thought it would be a great idea to get you involved in building our feed by setting up a # to use when you take a great photo. We will then regram it as well as taking our own shots!

We all want to improve our photography so here are some pointers for taking a great photo.

  • When you take a photo you should have a triangle of colour- 3 objects of the same colour with everything else being neutral.

A photo posted by Hannah Parker (@mumsdays) on 

This photo of Hannah’s is a perfect example- the 3 colours are the red of Reuben’s collar, the red of the tomato and the red on the placemat on the table.

  • Objects should either overlap completely or have a gap between them.

A photo posted by Katy (@whatkatysaiduk) on 

By overlapping the straps of the bikini it links everything together nicely but the straps themselves do not touch so as to make the photo messy.

  • Group objects in odd numbers, the only exception being a pair.

A photo posted by Katy (@whatkatysaiduk) on 


  • Add an extra element of interest. Don’t just have a pair of shoes, have a pebble at the side. Don’t just have a pile of books, have a half eaten apple at the side. Just something to help tell the story.

A photo posted by Katy (@whatkatysaiduk) on 


  • Use negative space- less is more.


A photo posted by Katy (@whatkatysaiduk) on 

This is a gorgeous photo taken at the seaside. By using the rule of thirds and leaving the rest of the frame empty it made it a much nicer photo than if Katy had zoomed in and filled the frame with her family.

  • Use backdrops to create a beautiful background. Planks of wood, wallpaper, fabric, chalk boards, foam board are all great for creating a blank canvas to your objects.


A photo posted by Katy (@whatkatysaiduk) on 

This photo was taken on a piece of white foam board- so cheap to buy but is so effective!

So, if you think you would like to join us in our quest to becoming better at taking beautiful photographs and help grow your following on IG then use #liveloveblog each time you think you have taken a great shot and we will regram it!

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