How to Organise Your Blogging

As much fun blogging can be, doing it properly takes effort, commitment and most importantly, time.  If you a blogger who juggles family life with blogging, it can be hard to find time to blog, let alone time to organise your blogging.  It’s essential that you have systems and tools in place so you can be as productive as possible in the time you do have to focus on blogging.

How to organise your blogging

Editorial Calendar

You can use pen and paper, an online template or even a plug-in like the WordPress Editorial Calendar to help you manage your posts.  A calendar format helps you allocate draft posts on specific days when they are most relevant so they don’t get lost in the pile.

Excel Spreadsheets

Use spreadsheets to help you organise both your finances and your posts.

Have different sheets for different types of posts (competitions, reviews, PR posts, gift guides, etc.) and then you can add details and draft posts as you get them (date, title, shortcode, Facebook, tweets scheduled, Pinterest, Linked to Linky, etc.).

Keeping the shortcode (url) for each post helps save time.  Having them to hand if you have to refer to a past post, or are linking up with someone makes that a quick, simple task.


Even though there are countless programmes and apps that you can use to write lists, sometimes the old school pen and paper helps to slow down your thinking and help you make better sense of your thoughts.

Get into the habit of writing a daily ‘to do’ list that includes everything you need to do for that day only.  Use something small like a sticky note, so you can’t get carried away with how much you think you can get done in the time you have.   A focused list gives you a good view of what needs doing and how to prioritise.  Ticking off the list is always a great feeling and helps keep you motivated!


If you are joining in with linkies, leave the tab for the linky open on your PC until you have done all your commenting.


Scheduling posts should always fit into your readers needs, but if you have the freedom to pick a time, then the morning is best if you have other commitments that may sabotage your day.

Social media is always more flexible and there are so many platforms out there now to help you do your planning at any time of the day that suits you.

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