When you start to take blogging a little more seriously, you might start looking into how you can make money from your blog.  I should start by saying that earning from your blog is not easy, it is not quick and it requires considerable effort.   It is worth bearing in mind that an avenue which might suit one blogger, may not work for another.


  • Advertising Space

Good old fashioned ad space.  Selling a side bar advert or banner ad directly to a business who pay a fee for the space.

  • Text Links

Companies will pay you to add text links to post (even old posts).  However, just be cautious as Google can penalise these sorts of follow links.

  • Advertising Networks

  • Pay Per Click Adverts – You place an advert at various points on your blog pages and you are paid (a small amount) each time the advert is clicked on.  An example of such a programme is Google Adsense.
  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Pay Per Purchase Adverts – As with the other options you place an ad box somewhere on your site and with this option you are paid a % of the value when a sale is made through your link. An example is Affiliate Window or Skimlinkz.
  • Sponsored Posts/Reviews

Companies and PR agencies commission you to write posts featuring their clients.  Some of these posts are to raise brand awareness, in which case the link required may be a nofollow link. In most cases the companies will want a follow link.  Just be aware that Google may penalise you for accepting money for follow links.

Some bloggers charge companies for carrying out reviews on their products.

  • Charge for extra content

You can create a paywall which hides additional quality content.

  • Donations

If you are offering a service with your posts, then you could ask people to donate.  Simply pop a widget in your sidebar and if people like what you do they may donate some cash.  Not for everyone but some people sucessfully use this method of generating income.

  • Diversify

  1. Speak at events
  2. Offer consultation
  3. Sell your own digital products
  4. Sell physical products
  5. Write blogs for others
  6. Other writing work
  7. Blogger outreach
  • Sell your blog

Again not for everyone, but there is the possibility of selling your blog, if you have an established blog with a decent amount of traffic.

There are so many ways that bloggers can make money blogging, I hope this has given you an insight and got you thinking what might work for you.  The only limits are your imagination!

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