Finding That Blogging Balance

Social media sucks you in for hours, stats bog you down and you find yourself working until the early hours finishing off the perfect post. Some people manage to find a balance straight away, either they see it as a hobby and do not get drawn in or they have incredible time management skills. For others it can be a real challenge to find that balance.

If you don’t find a balance for your blog life and real life it can become too much to manage.  So, what are our top tips for finding that balance?

Get organised

This is a broad title isn’t it? How on earth do you get organised?

  • Use an editorial calendar to organise your posts, it will save you SO much time.
  • Get a planner- we all have planners to make notes about brands, keep track of contacts, hold timetables of linkys and most importantly to jot down ideas when they come to us. You can also use your planner to organise real life too of course!
  • Make room for a work space. Both Aby and Kate have recently got desks and are finding it has made a huge difference to their productivity but also to the time they spend blogging- no more sneaky jobs that will only take one minute!
  • Time block – if you get asked to do something, block out time in your diary to complete the task- that way you will not take on too much each day.

Say no

Easier said than done of course, especially in the early days when you worry another opportunity won’t come along. If you are consistent and have a great blog then the opportunities will come again- don’t take on more than is humanly possible. At the end of the day, blogging is just a job (or a hobby) and your life and your family must come first.

Have time off

Again this is easier said than done but you must try and have one down day a week to be you. Spend the time however you wish, have a date night or have a long soak in the bath. If you don’t have time off then you will quickly burn out and that is no good for anyone. Some bloggers take it a step further and switch off from technology altogether, it is actually quite liberating- try it! 

Have fun

If you aren’t having fun then what is the point in it all?  Katy has recently taken a step back and realised that if she doesn’t spend time with her family then her blog will be empty! Spend time with your family, do the things that make you happy and let your blog slot in around you and your life, don’t let your blog be your life.

How do you find your balance?

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