This is potentially one of the really tricky bits of starting a blog, coming up with a name that perfectly represents all that you hope to achieve and embody with your blog in the future. No pressure, right? Well, fear not as we have some top ideas for developing a blog name that you’ll love!

What is your blog about?

Kind of obvious but what is your blog going to be about?  For example, both Aby and I have ‘mum’ in the title, You Baby Me Mummy and Mums’ Days, so it’s pretty obvious what our blogs are going to be about. You do have to be sure you will always talk about that particular niche though!

Is your blog about you? Then perhaps use your mane in the title, such as Oh Joy, A cup of Jo or our very own What Katy Said!

If you want to build your personal brand, you might want to use your whole name, such as James Altucher, however it might be hard to get your name as a URL – some people say you should buy your own URL anyway, just in case!

If you’re not fully sure what you’ll  be blogging about and you want to leave it more open, then wordplay can be a fun way to choose a theme but allude to more. For example, Design Sponge is about design…but maybe more? It is about more by the way!

Developing Ideas

Do a mind map – write my blog in the middle of a bubble and write down everything you’d like to talk about (don’t get too specific!), feelings and values you’d like to embody, and anything else related to your blog around the outside. Certain words will emerge or make you think of other, similar words, that could form part of the name.

Use Google Adwords – if you know the niche you want to blog in, it might be worth searching on google adwords to see what people are searching for in that area. Chances are if they are looking for it on google, they would love your blog, so this might give you the perfect name and makes it easier for them to find you!

Invent a word, or create a version of a word that doesn’t exist, or even merge two words together that describe what you will be writing about!

The Don’ts

Don’t be too specific – You might want to blog about sun glasses but in the future this might develop into an interest for all headwear!

Don’t go for a really long name – this increases the likelihood of spelling mistakes, people getting bored halfway through typing it or struggling to remember the name.

Checking your blog name

Is the URL available? I had a great idea for a blog called Amazon but the URL was already gone. Dad joke.

Is the twitter handle available? If there is an existing, very popular person already using that handle, even if an alternative is available, you might want to think twice.

Do your friends like it? There’s a chance that your mates might not get it and it still could be the next big thing, so it’s important to go with your gut, but if a whole bunch of your friends say it reminds them of sick, unless your blogging about vomit, you might want to rethink it. Equally check they can a) pronounce it and b) spell it!

Once you’ve got all that covered, you’re ready! So what did you come up with?

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