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If there were a 12-step program for travelers I’d probably need to join. I love to travel, think about travel, research where I’m going and plan my next trip.

So who exactly am I? In a nutshell, I’m a professional woman living in Southern California with a career in product management/marketing for a data/information services industry (how’s that for vague).  This site won’t be about my job and is not affiliated in any way with my employer. However, since I travel extensively for work, those experiences will be shared.

I’m also single, and while some people may lament a solo existence, it certainly makes planning vacations a bit easier. I get to go where I want to go!

How did I catch this travel bug? As a kid, we always took vacations. Every summer there was someplace wonderful to go and the memories are with me to this day. As I got older and could afford to go places, there were occasional vacations and weekend getaways with friends. Going to the beach, Vegas, New York, etc. But when it came to trying to plan something bigger (aka Europe) schedules, budgets, interests never seemed to align.

Then came an opportunity to visit my uncle in Thailand. I was 35 years old and had never gone on a vacation by myself (I don’t count a short weekend cruise out of Florida). I booked my flight and headed to Asia. It didn’t really feel like a solo trip since I was meeting him there, but I was still very anxious. I spent about 2 1/2 weeks in Thailand and I gained courage.

I realized I could travel on my own. I didn’t need to wait for someone to join me. I had wasted all this time being afraid and only dreaming about places to go and experiences to enjoy. Within a month of returning home I had booked my dream vacation – Italy.

Since that time the floodgates have opened and I’ve seen quite a bit of the world. Despite traveling quite a lot for work, I love nothing more than to jet off for a fast weekend, or a long leisurely week or more to someplace wonderful.

Like most people, I travel on a budget but benefit extensively from being a frequent business traveler. So you might see me sitting in first or business class and staying in Marriott properties thanks go points. When it’s my dime the accommodations are more rustic.

I hope you enjoy my journeys and perhaps even pick up some tips or tricks to help along the way.


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  1. Having been recently widowed, and heading to Europe for three months on my own for the first time in a few weeks, I am SOO looking forward to your new website. Good luck with it my friend.
    I start my journey with a 15 day cruise acros the Atlantic. Crusing solo will certainly be a new experience and I will either love doing it on my own, or hate it. There is only one way to find out!
    I also get the “What? Arn’t you afraid to be on your own?” I am prepared to have lonely times, and I certainly will miss my wonderful spouse/traveling companion, but afraid? Not me. I’m rather looking forward to being able to go where I want, when I want.

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