Last day in Germany – Day 8

Last full day in Germany and another not so beautiful day. After a hearty (and pricey) breakfast buffet at our hotel we loaded up the car and drove to one of the central parking garages to continue our explorations of Regensburg.

So far all our hotels have included breakfast. For some reason all the Regensburg hotels I looked up and definitely the Courtyard, breakfast is extra.

Regensburg is a bigger city but driving into town and finding the parking garage were a piece of cake. Love all the big blue parking signs that make navigating easier. All you basically have to do is follow the signs toward the “Centrum” (center) then the big blue “P” signs indicating parking.

Two things against us today, Good Friday and a cold drizzly day. Not enough rain to force you inside, but just enough to require an umbrella. Nearly all the shops are closed and services make visiting several of the churches difficult.

The tour books we purchased the previous day provided tons of great information on the history of the town and recommended/must see sites. The history of this place is fascinating. Roman ruins, Celtic invasions, centuries of strife. You’d round a corner and discover the partial remains of a roman fort incorporated into a more modern building, still hundreds of years old.


We popped into an extremely old beer hall (1530) where we split a sausage plate (last hurrah ya know). This area is known for their bock beers which I felt compelled to order.



Within moments the rest of our table was full of a group of men all on a short holiday from the Audi factory.

Lucky for us, as the day wore on the weather improved enough to make site seeing appealing. Our book featured several walking tours of the city but being unsure how much time we’d need we had isolated the most important sites so finding them becamse a bit of a historic scavanger hunt.

We continued our wanderings, enjoying what Regensburg had to offer including a historic sausage kitchen along the Danube (nope, no more sausage for us).


Of course the beer made us a bit tired as did all the site seeing so before heading out we found a cute little coffee shop for some cappuccino and a little sweet.


This torte was fascinating and looks significantly better than it tasted. Chocolate banana cake. Layers of cake, a flan type chocolate and of course bananas. Good, but we thought some dark grenache would be an improvement. The coffee however was excellent.

All too soon it was time to head down to the airport for the night. I’d booked us at the Hotel Kempinski situated directly at the airport. With a 7:20 am flight the last thing I wanted to do was drive to the airport and struggle with rental car returns before 6 am!

The drive down from Regensburg was very easy and passed through more historic sites and hops fields. Field after field of hops trellises all awaiting their future harvest.

Finding the rental car facility was much easier than I had anticipated. Airport signage was plentiful – in English and all the car companies sharing the same return drop. Goodbye to the Opel! Not a bad car but goodness could use some vroom.


The Munich airport is a great facility. Tons of shops, some very nice restaurants and even a full size grocery market! Initially, I was a bit confused seeing a woman leave the airport carrying a bag of potatoes. I’m still confused.

We spent quite a bit of time wandering through the airport doing last minute shopping and eating dinner at the worlds only airport brewery. Gotta love Germany.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day!

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  1. LINDA says:

    Great blog Melinda! I feel like I was there with you!! Linda.

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