Regensburg – Day 7

We departed the adorable Hotel Hornburg to head two hours east to Regensburg. Rick Steve’s, you disappoint me. Regensburg isn’t in your Germany guide, yet is one of the rare medieval towns not destroyed in the war and a UNESCO world heritage site. Personally, I’m trying to visit as many of these before they disappear.

Once again we were on the truck filled autobahn. Only nervous moment was getting fuel. Mostly due to our rental car not having a fuel sticker on the inside gas door and the pumps not all listing their “octane” rating. Even the young man we recruited from the next pump over scratched his head a bit. Upon further pump investigation we made the best educated guess. Of course, our acceleration challenged vehicle took the ┬ámost expensive fuel available and unfortunately wasn’t a diesel.

A mere 68 euro and 3/4 of a tank later we were on our way. If you’re trying to convert, that’s 1.89 euro a liter with the exchange around $1.32 dollars to the euro, or just over $90. Hard to complain about our gas prices eh? Did I mention it wasn’t a full tank? Also a fuel efficient car?

Periodically we’d spot castle ruins on distant hilltops, but the weather was cold, gray and raining the entire time. Not a nice day.

We found our hotel in Regensburg, a Courtyard by Marriott (thank you points) situated along one of the Danube canals with ferries and cruise ships puttered by. Bigger beds and Linda is thrilled with the first washcloths of the trip. Downside is its about a 15-20 minute walk to the old town. And it’s still drizzling. Not a heavy rain, but the annoying kind. Yet once again the weather here has shifted.

Our first stop was for a very late lunch. Once again we went with a typical German meal and because we were so hungry we opted to order individually. The restaurant menu wasn’t available in English so we chose the waitresses recommendation. Veal topped with a mushroom sauce and served with spaetzle and a delicious side salad. She was right. It was delicious. Very similar to the other nights dinner and equally wonderful.


And yes, there are plans to diet or simply fast for days after this trip! The good thing is most of our meals have been shared. What’s amazing has been watching other tourists and Germans alike order these dishes and clean their plates in record time.

We continued our afternoon with a visit to the impressive cathedral. This church is huge, old (first built in 700) and cavernous on the interior. As we wandered it’s aisles we again shook our heads muttering how we couldn’t understand how this wasn’t in our guide book. I know everything can’t be included, but wow.


Despite the rain we continued to wander the narrow winding streets of this wonderful lively town and included a quick stop in the Tourist Information office to purchase tour books for tomorrow.

However the rain and cold drove us back to our hotel on the early side. We’re hoping tomorrow is a drier day as this town is extremely interesting and quaint. While this photo isn’t the best and needs some cropping the town is fantastic!


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