Rothenburg charm – Day 6

This is certainly one small town that’s been whacked with the charm stick. Very reminiscent of the Alsatian villages.

After a typical German breakfast we strolled through the town gates and ventured up to the walkway that runs along the town walls.



After a scenic stroll along the wall we cut over to the main square to begin our Rick Steve’s recommend walking tour. Very enjoyable hour or two canvassing the city and hitting the main sites. This is definitely a tourist town so strolling with tour book in one hand and a camera in the other count as accessories.

And did I mention adorable? Not only is the town picture book quaint, but also decorated for Easter!


After seeing most of the main sites, we choose one of the recommended restaurants off the main square for lunch. We enjoyed a fantastic cauliflower soup followed by sharing the Franconian sausage plate and potato pancakes with applesauce on the side.

Everything was delicious and it wasn’t until later in the day we learned that there are only two versions of this sausage – liver or blood. We had the blood. Yep, blood sausage which we thoroughly enjoyed. My rule, if you like it – don’t ask.

We continued on our walk doing some shopping along the way. One notable yet disappointing shop was the famous Christmas store and museum. Disappointing in that while it was Christmas overload, there was very little that didn’t look like something I can pickup from Pier One or World Market for a fraction of the price.

We ended our evening with dinner at an old wine bar/tavern. Mentally picture a small dark candle lit tavern, then up the ante by filling it with locals and old WWII veterans who invite you to join their table to share their stories and practice English.

This experience was a highlight. Also sharing the table included a handful of US military helicopter pilots who were in Rothenburg for flight simulation/training. Let’s just say they were cutting loose. The rest of our table was other locals with the highlight being the two former German soldiers.

Linda sat next to Eric, an 85 year old gentleman who lied about his age and enlisted at only 16. His tenure in the army was cut short when he was captured early and spent the war at a POW farm in England. He had a small photo album which he shared with us along with his story. Truly memorable.

Moments like this are what travel is all about. The rare opportunity to peak into a different world, learn something new and take a memory home to be treasured.

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