Munich, and repeat! Day 2

After a good nights sleep it was another fun day of Munich adventures. We had planned to take the train out to the Dachau concentration camp, but there were so many sites within Munich to explore. Unfortunately, the weather dropped into the 40s but at least it was clear!

We are staying at the Hotel Uhland, a lovely small hotel located next to the Oktoberfest grounds, which now is simply an extremely large park. Breakfast is included in our room rate and offers a wide variety of European style breakfast selections. Breads, soft or hard boiled eggs, various meats, cheeses yogurts, fruits and more. Even a grinder for various seeds to add to the yogurt. And the best part, large pots of delicious fresh brewed coffee.

After a delicious breakfast it was off to explore. Our first stop was the Asam Kirche (church) which we had passed by yesterday but was closed. There was a service in process so we were unable to wander but could admire the elaborate over the top decor from the rear of the church. Despite the service it didn’t stop the tourists near us from talking and pointing out the features instead of standing in silence.

We next wandered to the Viktualien Market.

What a wonderful expansive market with vendors selling artfully arranged produce, beer stands, floral markets and more spread out over several blocks. It would be such fun to rely on this market for your everyday shopping.


Near the beer garden we discovered a group of locals enjoying some beer near a fountain which also seemed to serve as their beer cooler.


We also managed to catch the only twice daily daily jousts (11 and 12 which we thought were odd times) of the glockenspiel back at the town hall.

The clock animation is quite cute, life size characters move around in a ring then knights on horseback joust. Interesting and draws quite the crowd.

We also toured the Munich history museum, a little dry but interesting. We were hoping for more before/after WWII bombing photos but there was more on the earlier history of the town. At nearly every site in the city, there are photos of the original buildings, then of the devastation of the war. Entire blocks that were razed not so long ago look original. In fact the entire block where the Hofbrau House sits was once completely destroyed.

While I’m not one to keep repeating a dining experience, our steps led us back to the Hofbrau House. It was just too fun to stay away. We made friends with a young trio of German and Swiss who introduced us to pear brandy shots. It claims to be bandy, but bears a striking resemblance to moonshine.

Once again we enjoyed the large beer steins, and accompanied our libations with a crispy roasted pork knuckle! Delicious! Seriously, despite the photo this is serious yum. Nothing like big beer, new friends and large hunks of meat.


What a day! Tomorrow we pick up our rental car and head south to Garmisch and the Zugspitze. We’ll see how I handle a rental car on this trip!

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