Arriving in Munich

Vacation is well underway! We’ve been in Munich now for a full day. Travel was smooth and rather uneventful, thanks to on time departures, landings and very smooth transfers. Thank you American Airlines!

Arriving in Munich is extremely simple. No long customs line (perhaps we were just lucky), no forms to fill out. Simply a stamp and on to baggage claim, where our bags were waiting for us. A quick top at an ATM at the arrivals lounge and then down to the S/U Bahn for the 41 minute ride to the main train station.

According to our hotel website it should have been a mere 10 minute walk to the hotel. That is of course assuming you can figure out the station exits. We were not so lucky and managed to walk around the entire station before becoming oriented. They were right though, it was just about 10 minutes once we knew where we were going.

After checking in and getting refreshed we took the hotels recommendation and ended with a great dinner close by the hotel. Nice beer, grilled goat cheese salad and a delicious moist roast pork. And boy do the Germans know how to do roast pork. Fork tender and served with a thick slice of crispy fried porky goodness (yep, fried pork fat in all it’s glory.) Nope, no photos when you’re this jet lagged!

One delicious dinner down and it was time for some well deserved rest.

Friday will be a full day of seeing what Munich has to offer.

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