Las Vegas: Venetian and Bellagio Trip Report

It’s been a whirlwind last several weeks with trips to Las Vegas, Palm Desert and San Diego. While I’m a bit tardy, here’s some scoop on Las Vegas.

Sin City is a bit of a mixed experience for me. While I love the access to beautiful resort properties and fine dining, I abhor the smoke, crowds and constant everything. Too much noise, lights, everywhere there’s stimulation overload. As a vacation destination, it’s one thing, but for those of there for work, we still have to work! I’d rather join the throngs strolling down the street in their flip flops and Eiffel Tower drinks. Instead I’m dashing about in a suit and heels with the ever ready spray bottle of Febreeze to hope I can get one more use out of my suit jacket without smelling like an ashtray.

So, this trip started with three nights at the Bellagio before moving over to the Venetian for four nights. The Bellagio was once the crown jewel of the strip is beginning to tarnish. The rooms have recently been renovated and the blown glass decorations are still beautiful, however the smoke is starting to win.

My first room in the Spa Tower smelled like an ashtray. I can’t even tell you what the room looked like as I only smelled it rather than saw. Returned back to the front desk and was reassigned to the main tower. They were surprised as the Spa Tower is supposed to be smoke free. A colleague of mine mentioned later that their Spa Tower room had an ashtray.

Unfortunately to reach the main elevators you have to go through the center of the casino. Regardless of time of day or how crowded the casino there were clouds of smoke. Fortunately, I was rewarded with a lovely room.

The room had recently been redone and was very nice.  Unlike the Venetian with its separate sunken “living room” the Bellagio featured one main room with sitting area and very functional desk.

The bathroom featured a large bathtub, dual sinks and spacious shower stall:

Lots of gold and beige but very relaxing.

The view was also fabulous:

It was rather chilly the first week of February so the pool never had much use.

After several days, I then moved to the Venetian. Unfortunately, I never took photos of the room!  But, as a comparison, as I mentioned earlier the Venetian’s suites have sitting rooms a few steps below the sleeping area with the bathroom in the front of the suite. Very spacious bath. I never used the living room area as during the rare times I was in my room it was to sleep!

While I believe I preferred the room at the Bellagio better, the air filtration systems at the Venetian appeared to be superior. Also, you didn’t have to walk through the middle of the casino to reach the elevators – you skirted the edge and got to walk under this wonderful ceiling (excuse the blurriness of the photo, but you get the idea!)

But, in terms of service the Bellagio was superior. Valets, bellman and all services were handled faster and with a higher level of service. The Venetian was no slouch, but the Bellagio was simply better. I’m also a bit suspicious as to the fate of a necklace I had with me last seen on the counter at the Venetian.

So, while the Venetian may shine a bit brighter on the outside, the Bellagio is still the sophisticated dame of the strip.

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