Merry Christmas travel!

It’s a beautiful time of the year. Holiday good cheer and love of our fellow man abounds. Everywhere but perhaps at the airport. Despite the decorations, airports draped with tinsel and trees laden with around the world themes our gates and security lines are packed with short tempers and impatience.

While I tend to be less lenient on business travel, it’s the holidays and you need to plan accordingly. Traffic delays and long lines are to be expected. If you normally plan to arrive at the airport an hour early during the holidays, it needs to be two hours.

Not only will it be crowded, but the flights will be full of children and infrequent travelers. This is the time to take the high road. Help others get through TSA, give those parents a break and simply wish everyone a safe and happy holiday.

This trip so far has been very long lines out of Orange County, TSA pat down, and a two hour delay in Dallas. Plan for unexpected and realize everyone else is dealing with the same.

Happy traveling over this holiday season!

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