Guten Tag!

Methinks Germany is in my future.

Beer, sausage, castles . . . speeding down the Autobahn. Well, the Autobahn won’t likely happen as I have discovered I really don’t like driving internationally. How is it that I’m perfectly fine driving mach-10 bumper to bumper through Atlanta, Los Angeles and other dizzying places but a quiet country lane in another country gives me nightmares?

I’ll agree, that having a car enables you to discover places unaccessible by trains and buses, but for me a vacation needs to be relaxing as well. International rental car, not relaxing.  I now know my limits!

After picking up a Rick Steves’ Germany 2011 book at a closing Borders store (at 40% off) I can now dream about Germany. I’m thinking Munich and Bavaria likely in the spring. This time my friend Linda will be joining me for this adventure.

Nice to have a trip in the works to look forward to!

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3 Responses to Guten Tag!

  1. SueZ says:

    You travel internationally like we go to the movies..only more often than we go to the movies!

  2. SueZ says:

    After rereading this post….it explains those thin grimaced lips, the white knuckles and the panic in the voice during our tour of the Alsace region of France. But you did FINE! Just thank God for Tom-tom!

  3. Melinda says:

    After reading through the book, we might have to brave the rental car again! The Bavarian area seems best explored via a car. Perhaps the second time won’t be as stressful?

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