On the road to Dallas

Just wrapped up an overnight trip to Dallas. While I enjoy short trips, I don’t particularly enjoy them while I am not feeling well. And unfortunately, I’m sharing my cold germs with the world. In an ideal situation one would stay home when sick; but this is by no means an ideal world. Hence traveling with handiwipes (and tissues, cold medication and hand sanitizer!)

From a dining standpoint our flight kicked off with the usual warm nuts and ice water (cocktails don’t mix well with Robitusin and I’ve quite a bit of work to get done).

After this refreshing snack we were presented with todays lunch selection: a shrimp salad (pictured on an earlier post) or the chicken parmesan.

Having not particularly enjoyed the shrimp salad on the earlier flight, I opted for the chicken and more water. The chicken was served with green beans and paired with the typical pita chips and hummus along with a side salad. Today’s salad was a nice simple mix of lettuce, red bell peppers and shredded radishes. Quite nice.

The chicken reminded me of a frozen entree. The breading was a bit, well bready. However, the chicken was surprisingly good. Tender and juicy. The little side of herbed tomato relish was a nice addition to the chicken.

I was overall glad to have been given this late lunch as my hotel (Residence Inn by Marriott) didn’t have a restaurant and was miles away from any choices.

The hotel actually served a complimentary dinner (hamburgers this night) with chips, beverages (including beer and wine). I missed out on the burgers and it took me a while to realize that plastic pitchers contained wine. But, hey, it was complimentary and they have free wifi.  All, in all, not bad for a one-night stay.

Sometimes on the road it’s fancy steak dinners and luxury hotels – others it’s potato chips and goldfish with cheap-ass wine (hey, I’m eating healthy as I had green beans earlier in the day).

We wrapped up client meetings and dashed back to the airport to catch the early afternoon flights back home.  There’s a lot of construction on the freeways near DFW so it took a bit longer to get to the rental car facility and once again, GPS saved the day.

Today my flight was in the D terminal which is my favorite terminal at DFW. There’s great restaurants and more entertainment in D than the other terminals. Of course DFW is undergoing renovations to their terminals but D is ready to be enjoyed now!  If you’ve extra time at DFW, head to D!

We lucked out on this flight in that lunch was served from the back of the first class cabin before serving the front. They claim there’s a rhyme and reason to the order (front even numbered flights/back on odd numbered flights) but I’m not buying it.

Lucky day! The BBQ Chicken Salad is back as a lunch/snack selection in first class on American Airlines. I have no idea what the other choice was as I stopped listening as soon as I heard BBQ Chicken Salad.  Yes, it’s good.

Lettuce, black beans, shredded jicama, corn, blue cheese and BBQ chicken. After crunching up the tortilla strips and tossing with creamy peppercorn dressing it’s lunch! This is, in my opinion, the best salad American Airlines serves. Apparently my fellow passengers agreed as they ran out of salad half way through the first class cabin.

Airline nirvana continued with the fresh baked cookie. Todays selection – English Toffee.  This is my absolute favorite cookie that American serves. It’s delicious.

Crispy on the outer edges, warm and gooey in the middle with little bits of toffee goodness throughout. Love this cookie, in fact I ate two.

Now that I’m home it’s time to get some work done, recover from this cold and hope that the next flight will feature the toffee cookie.

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