Dinner in the air

This past Monday I headed off to Chicago for a series of meetings. Instead of my usual afternoon flight I took the later one, which instead serves dinner – if you’re lucky enough to book first class or get upgraded. I was upgrade lucky.

One little thing to know is the order of service for your cabin. On American Airlines they serve from the front of the plane on even flights and the back on odd. However despite that being “the rule” it’s not always consistent. When you’re in the back of the cabin you may have little to no selection – the same holds true for coach and the purchased snacks.

In my case this meant there was no chicken dinners remaining but instead a stuffed shells. So shells it was!


You may recognize the side salad and shrimp appetizer. It looks surprisingly like the shrimp salad but placed on two plates. The pasta is always consistent and rather tasty. The rolls unfortunately could have been used on a construction site to drive nails.

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  1. Susan Zabritski says:

    Another interesting topic to cover…besides the airline food which I find really fascinating…is hotel rooms. Decor, ammenities, location.

    Just trying to live my fantasy life!

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