Airline Lunches

I’m beginning a new feature on the site, dining on the road. This feature will focus on what’s being served in the airport and in the air.

Today’s flight from Orange County to Chicago served lunch in first class and a snack/meal available for purchase in coach. Typically the purchased snack has several options such as trail mix, chips, cheese/cracker combo and today a chicken salad sandwich.

As my upgrade came through, today’s lunch in first class involved a choice of chicken parmesan or a shrimp salad. Sitting in my favorite first class seat (last row window seat on the right) I was the last to be served and surprised that there was still a choice. Typically you get what’s left.

Since either I’m getting wider or the seat is getting narrower, I went with the salad despite not being a huge shrimp fan.

The salad consisted of a bed of chopped romaine, cucumbers, red peppers, olives, feta cheese and steamed shrimp. Similar to a Greek salad but with steamed shrimp on top. On the side were an herb vinaigrette, pita chips and hummus. American Airlines tends to favor this basic Greek style salad (typically served as a side salad) and the pita chips and hummus are pretty common and darn tasty. Sometimes it’s a cheese spread, today hummus.

While I’m not a big fan of Greek style salads the meal was pretty good. The shrimp was cooked well (still nice and firm) and the red peppers added a crunchy sweetness. I chose a white wine to accompany and today it was a lovely Chardonnay from California (forgive me for not getting the name)

What followed was another typical American treat – fresh baked cookies. This time it was the classic chocolate chip cooked perfectly crisp on the edges and nice and soft in the center. While this won’t improve how I fit in the seat, it’s hard to resist these cookies. The wine wasn’t the best match for the cookie, but I really didn’t want to switch to milk so the wine continued.


All this paired with Kung Fu Panda 2 resulted in a pretty entertaining flight.

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