Murphy’s law of travel

Now Murphy’s Law of Travel typically indicates that “When it’s bad it’s very bad. And prolonged.” I also kick in the qualifier that it also usually involves a screaming child within a few rows of your airline seat.

However, what goes around comes around, it can always be worse and a few hours of inconvenience mean very little in the greater scheme of things. There are always little moments of kindness, shared stories and perhaps a little insight that come out of every trip. And while this particular trip wasn’t fun,  it certainly beats staying the night at DFW!

I hung out with the crew in the back of the plane for a bit. Now that’s a job I really couldn’t do. The stories they tell of rude passengers is just incredible. When you’re trapped in a speeding cylinder at 36,000 feet why be rude to the few people who are there to take care of you and have the power to make your next few hours more enjoyable?

These particular folks have been doing this for 25 and 27 years and have seen it all. I was told that they simply light up when they get passengers who are polite and appreciative. And unfortunately, sometimes that’s a too rare occasion. These folks do more with less and bear the brunt of the traveling masses.

I’ll keep appreciating all their hard work, and hope that a few more folks may do the same!

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