Thur, 7 April: Final day in Alsace

There has been so many options for exploring this region and the towns. We’ve made our base in Colmar for the past several nights and have thoroughly enjoyed strolling through the historic district in the evenings before and after dinner.

Colmar is home to some well reviewed museums and several beautiful old churches which we were planning on experiencing our last day in the city before catching the train over to Paris.

However, the lure of the wine road and the availabilty of the rental car lured us away from the city one last time. After all, this was a vacation to experience the French country side (it also took a day or two for the stress of driving to wear off!)

The goal was to simply explore the wine route visiting as many villages as possible. We quickly drove through Ingersheim, Bennwirh, Mittelwihr, Beblenheim and Zellenberg and realized we needed bigger villages!

This set of villages were tiny and while scenic didn’t offer the lure of Eguisheim, Kayserberg or Riquewihr. We continued north through more small villages and stopped for lunch in Dambach-la-Ville for our last experience of escargot of the trip.

We still had several hours before returning the car so continued on through the vineyards and rolling hills toward the larger village of Obernai.

The views through Alsace are wonderful and I can only image how beautiful it would be when the vineyards are bursting with grapes.

All to soon it was time to head back south. In hindsight I would have setup the car reservation with a return in Strasbourg as we ended up so close during our wine route exploration but the main highway had us back toward Colmar quickly.

The main stress was going to be finding where to return the car at the train station! In Strasbourg, while the Avis desk was at the end of the train terminal, the cars were located in a parking garage down the block. Colmar turned out to be pretty simple once we found the Avis office (located at the end of the north train terminal). Simply parked right outside the office and tossed back the keys (after being frowned upon for not filling up the car with diesel).

While international driving isn’t my favorite experience it was the only way to see this region and the car itself was pretty fun to drive. I’m sure I shortened the lifespan of the clutch!

After a 25 minute hot and crowded train ride to Strasbourg, I traded in our second class tickets for first for the 2 1/2 hour journey to the Paris airport. We ended up in a car completely to ourselves (so I may have gotten in the wrong car but the seats were the right number and the conductor didn’t make us move!)

Soon we were zipping through the countryside, enjoying our last bit of duck sausage, cheese and baguette. All too soon the setting sun made the views impossible and we arrived at CDG around 9:30 pm.

The location of the Sheraton is simply brilliant. After leaving the train, it’s simply up a few escalators and you arrive at the Sheraton located in terminal 2 of the airport. This also made catching a morning flight out of terminal 2 extremely convenient. Bit of a walk over to 2A for American Airlines but so much easier than buses or cabs.

Exploring the Alsace region has been simply a delight and discovering with wonders of this region with my mom extraordinary.  We’ll have treasured memories to last a lifetime.

After each trip abroad I always ponder if I would return. As for Alsace, I’d go back in a heartbeat.

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  1. Susan Zabritski says:

    Loved, loved, loved the trip! What a great experience. And your blog will bring it back each time I read it, again and again! Merci!

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