Never ending adorable Alsatian villages!

Our last full day in Alsace has been a treat. We spent the entire day out in the villages – adorable overload!

Of course to prepare for the days adventure we partook of a hearty breakfast of fresh fruit, croissants, cured meat and a vast selection of cheese – all beautifully presented by the hotel chef. A true treat to experience such a variety of cheeses. The large pots of fresh coffee and steamed milk are worth their weight in gold.

I’ve become much more comfortable driving and the Tom Tom has been indispensable. We soon found ourselves winding out to our first village of Kayserberg.

Nestled in a valley at the edge of the mountains the village is guarded by the remains of a 12th century chateau.


After a short climb up the hillside we found ourselves in the castle ruins, complete with tower and crumbling walls. We braved the spiral staircase up the tower to be rewarded by sweeping views across the vineyards.

In addition to this wonderful tower, Kayserburg is an adorable town with a handy guided walk available from the information center.

This whole region is incredibly user friendly with information centers, good signage, plenty of public parking and handy WCs (bathrooms).

After plenty of walking, our tower hike and exploring the city we treated ourselves to a glass of wine and then it was time to move on to the town of Riquewirh.

We thought the GPS was leading us astray as we headed off down a narrow path through the vineyards. We drove for several miles down a windy road through the budding vines to emerge at the fabulous village of Riquewirh.

Of course things were closed for lunch, so we persevered by stopping for a glass of wine and a cheese plate. As much as I love cheese I may have reached a limit.

The town is adorable. We spent time exploring, tasted some great wines, window shopped and purchased another bottle or two.

Throughout the region, fabulous elaborate signs hang above the shops proclaiming the purpose of the establishment. This cute sign was hanging above a gourmet food and wine shop in Riquewihr.

We were going to head back to the hotel, but the village of Ribeauville called us for a quick detour. A bigger, more bustling village, Ribeauville enjoys several ruined towers that draw the eye.


As the day came to a close, it was time to head back to Colmar and our last dinner in Alsace (we’ll be picnicking on the train tomorrow night on the way to Paris and home.)


This has been such a lovely town to stroll and we’re looking forward to one last day of exploring villages before returning the car and beginning the journey home.

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