Closed for lunch!

The French take their lunch break very seriously indeed. We got a bit of a late start to our Tuesday morning adventure and arrived in our first village, Eguisheim just in time for everything to close for a two hour lunch break. Even the tourist information office was closed.

We did thoroughly enjoy circling the town along the old rampart walk. Little cobbled alleyways with leaning centuries old timbered houses line the way.

During our village circuit we discovered a little shop selling tins of goose foie gras pate and a variety of duck sausages. We stocked up for a snack and continued on to the next town.

In addition to being still closed for lunch, Turckheim had many shops, tasting rooms and attractions also closed on Tuesday! We managed to find a bakery open, grabbed a baguette and felt very French with the baguette peeking out of moms bag.

One very interesting feature of this area are the storks. Huge nests perch atop gables and church spires. Occasionally a stork will soar overhead or cluck (they make a deep clicking sound) to it’s mate.

We did manage to find one wine shop open after awhile where we sampled a few wines and purchased some to enjoy in the room with our snack. Very enjoyable rest break and a nap helped refresh before a memorable dinner.

Our hotel features a very well respected restaurant that was truly a dining experience.

Escargot and a gourmet salad got us kicked off followed by lamb and roast spring vegetables for me and rabbit with sweetbreads for mom. A gorgeous light regional Pinot Noir accompanied (light, nearly a rose and served chilled).

I ended my meal with a beautiful Pear Helen served with fresh whipped cream and vanilla ice cream.

Mom enjoyed a creme brûlée that was so good it brought tears to your eye.

It was a wonderful ending to a great day.

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