It’s a dogs life in Strasbourg

The dogs in France are certainly living the good life! Welcomed into cafes, restaurants and bars they’re able to experience the wonder of this city. Let’s just hope their stylish walkers are picking up after them!


Sunday is a very quiet day in the city. The streets are nearly empty and most of the shops are closed. Its a day for leisure. We spent much of the day taking a river boat cruise along the Illl river. Each bend in the river brought a delightful view.

After our river cruise the cafes beckoned. It was time to languish in a cafe enjoying a carafe (or due) of wine and a tarte.


If that looks familiar it’s because it was good enough to enjoy again and again,

The cafes are wonderful grounds for people watching. Fashionable couples stroll by and young lovers enjoy a sweet moment in the sun.


Time to refresh and enjoy our final dinner in Strasbourg before heading down Le Route Des Vin.


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