Bonjour France!


After an exhausting day of travel we’ve arrived in Strasbourg. We had a great time in JFK drinking too much wine and enjoying the lounge.

Unfortunately our flight was delayed by a few hours but everything worked out great. Managed to even sleep a few hours on the plane.

Upon arrival in Zurich It took just minutes to clear immigration, collect our bags and breeze through customs. We were able to make our originally planned train to Basel, but by then the exhaustion (and dare I say slight hangovers) were in effect so we just spent about an hour sitting for our train to Strasbourg. So much for touring the Marketplatz in Basel!

Our hotel (Maison Rouge) is nice with a very friendly reception but rather smallish rooms. We’re located in the middle of a pedestrian zone so there’s lots of activity just steps away. Perfect for our needs. After a bit of a nap we went exploring and to seek out dinner.


Strasbourg is a delight. Little cobbled lanes, adorable shops, cafes and chocolate/patisseries seem to abound. The pink spires of the Notre Dame cathedral peek out over slate roofs and offer tantalizing views of gargoyles towering above us lessor folk.

We spent some time seeking out the “right” restaurant for dinner. Lots of little curbside bistros and an abundance of seafood. After aimlessly wandering we discovered La Chainse D’Or and it was perfect!


It does seem true that if you have to decode the menu yourself, you’ll save a few euros and likely enjoy a better meal – that’s if you know what you’ve ordered! I simply asked what the waiter recommended and put myself in his very French, very capable hands.


Our meal started with foie gras and onion tarte, then on to some of the regional specialties of Choucroute – a cabbage and pork sausage dish that mom enjoyed while I dined on succulent Baeckeoffe – a rich lamb and beef stew. The waiter was right. Everything paired beautifully with a very nice regional dry Riesling.20110401-114505.jpg


Our meal wrapped up with creme brûlée and a fruit custard with sorbet for me. Absolutely perfect!



Now, it’s time for our first full night sleep in days dreaming of the adventures and escargots to come.




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2 Responses to Bonjour France!

  1. What a treat! To sit here in the Vancouver Airport and catch up on your blog entries!
    My first flight of the day was also very early. I do love that there is no traffic at 5:30 AM. Now I wait in Vancouver for the second flight which will take me on to Toronto and then to Fort Lauderdale later this evening. A treat was in order, I will stay at the Westin.
    I’m experiencing some bittersweet moments today. On the one hand I am so very excited about this trip, my first extensive solo adventure. On the other hand, I sure am missing my man. He was such a great travel companion.
    Enjoy France! I am looking forward to more entries and more photos. Have a great time ladies. XX

  2. Melinda says:

    You’re going to have such an amazing experience. You’re truly not solo as we’ll all be there experiencing everything with you through your blog!

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