Bon Voyage!

Tomorrow morning begins the journey to France! And it will be an early morning. My flight is at 7 am from LAX and it’s about a 45 minute drive to the airport that early in the morning. So, it’ll be wake up before 4 am to get to the airport before 6 am! Definitely the wrong side of morning.

True to form I haven’t packed yet, but most everything is gathered and ready to be put into my suitcase.  At least I know what I’m going to pack.

It’s rare to find me packed sooner than two to three hours before going to bed. I guess my routine is just that I don’t want to possibly “use” something I might need to pack! And, packing days ahead of time can result in having to completely redo everything after the last minute weather check.

I’m breaking a bit of my packing rules in that I’m not planning on re-wearing or doing laundry for any of my shirts – 7 days, 7 tops!  Pants however are another story. One pair to wear to wear and two into the suitcase. Bit more narrowed down on shoes – one to wear, one in the suitcase.

Also breaking form in that I’m checking my suitcase! It’s going to feel very odd wandering the airport with only a small tote. Don’t think I’ve ever not rolled something behind me.

Will be meeting my mom (Sue) in JFK where we’ll fly together for the rest of the trip. This is her first vacation trip without my dad who is going to be holding down the fort at home. She’ll be dealing with the travel jitters of being on her own all the way from southern Texas to JFK. Which I know she’ll handle like a pro! Course, since our upgrades came through she’ll get to lounge in the Admirals Club in Dallas for her long layover.

I know, I know – upgrades. Biggest perk of being a frequent flyer is business and first class. In this case we’ve both paid for coach tickets and I’m able to use special upgrades to move us up one cabin if it’s available. So for me, it’s first class from LAX to JFK; mom is first from McAllen to Dallas then onward to JFK. We’re both in business from JFK to Zurich. Coming back though will be another story.

So far our 10 hour return flight from Paris to Dallas is looking a bit grim so we may be in coach for that one. At lease we’ve got the best coach seats on the plan and can partake of a few glasses of wine in the Club in Paris before departure! Sometimes it’s the little things that make the flights endurable!

Now it’s off to paint my nails and unwind after a hectic day of getting work wrapped up so I can take my vacation!

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