What to wear in Europe

Whenever I watch travel shows I spend most of the time trying to see what everyone is wearing. Show the shoes, show the outfits! Give me an idea of what to pack!

It’s nearly impossible to dress like a local when traveling throughout Europe. Aside from body size, there’s just something about our fashions that just scream “American!”

While I don’t try to disguise who and what I am, I like to dress with respect and hopefully a glimmer of style while on vacation. ¬†As a whole Americans woefully under dress. No where else do you see people out and about and on the road looking like the traveling homeless.

So, what do I pack for a trip?

I prefer black slacks as a base. Easy to dress up or wear more casually. The Gap’s Perfect Trouser is a great example. Wash & wear and looks great. If it’s summer than perhaps capri pants (also in a dressier fabric and style).

For tops, I pack a combination of sweaters and nice looking knit tops in the winter, with short sleeve t’s in the summer. No sloppy t-shirts that you’d wear to the gym please! With black slacks as a base, everything goes together.

Dress things up with some jewelry and a scarf. Scarves are great as they take up very little space and add flair to any outfit. They’re also handy when visiting churches that require you to cover up a bit.

I’m not going to look like a local, that’s just not possible but I’ll be able to go from a museum to a nice dinner out with ease.


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  1. I’m also in the process of packing for my trip which begins on Saturday. I’m 100% in favor of the black pants…what would we ever do without them? I am going to be away for several months so my needs are a bit different than yours, and because I begin with a 25 day cruise I need a few dressy clothes. I decided to stick with black, white and red for my wardrobe. Everything mixes and matches and is mostly easy care. I hasve managed to pack into one carry on bag that I will actually check for the first leg of the journey, and w.ill use a small daypack for my overflow and cabin baggage. In the overflow are the shoes!! Always an issue. The daypack also carries a mini laptop and all the various cords and chargers needed for it and my camera and iPhone. Don’t forget the electrical adapters for Europe!!

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