Last day in Aruba

What to do, what to do!? I can’t just lounge around all day. Don’t want to shop or sail so it’s off to walk the beach.

Thank goodness I bought a sun shirt as I’m a little sunburned. Seriously people shouldn’t be this tan.

I really like the area south of the Ritz so wandered back down to find a meal and a place to chill for awhile. Ended up at Playa Linda and a great little restaurant/bar in the beach.

Enjoyed a great cheeseburger while mentally humming some Jimmy Buffet. And of course had to celebrate last nights win with an Aruba Ariba. Luck was also with me as I got the perfect table to watch the world walk by.

I kinda like being beach homeless. Simply wander the beach and jump in when the mood strikes.

Eventually I wandered back to the Ritz and kept going until the beach became too rocky. Just passed the Ritz are a few kitesurfing schools. Loved watching the guys take flight. They make it look so easy.

Eventually my tolerance for the sun was at an end so time to clean up and find dinner. But first another run at the casino.

Now, I’m never lucky but over the past several days I’ve won. Tonight was no different! At this point my trip (and the next) is paid for. My luck apparently rubbed off on the woman next to me who on her last $0.60 spin won over $300! Was so excited for her.

Dinner had me enjoying freshly caught Wahoo and hearing how my Dutch bartender came to Aruba and never left.

What strikes me about the island is that everyone here just wants to have fun. Whether it’s the vacationers, the locals or the expats, they’re all out for a good time.

So thank you Aruba. I had a good time.

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