Sun, snorkel and sail

Spent Tuesday enjoying a great half day catamaran snorkel trip. I almost didn’t go as the 7:30 alarm was a rude awakening. Glad I persevered and it would have been rude to simply not show up for my bus pickup.

I was a little apprehensive as there were 60 folks on the trip. Max passengers is 100.

The first hour folks pretty much kept to their groups. But sun and an open bar soon had conversation flowing.

We snorkeled three stops. The Antilla shipwreck was interesting but the water was murky and at least three other loaded excursions were present. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many snorkels bobbing in the water. But, I saw a turtle! And apparently was the only one in the group to see it

Next stop was a reef area and we were the only group there. Much calmer water and interesting life. Spotted numerous critters and my highlight was a parrot fish.

Final stop was another reef area I essentially jumped in the water then spent most of the time chatting with my fellow vacationers.

Too soon we were back at the dock.

Instead of taking the bus back to my hotel I chose to walk back via the street markets and then the beach. Perfect opportunity to buy my One Happy Island souvenirs.

I also enjoyed just being able to jump in the water wherever I wanted (and did enjoy a hotel pool or two along the way).

Soon I was back at the Ritz where I found an open pool lounge chair and well, lounged before cleaning up and going crazy with conditioner.

Have I mentioned the casinos yet? At the Renaissance I think I won about $40. Well the Ritz and Marriott Stellaris casino have been good to me. Really good. I ended the night up over a grand. Still shocked. But wait. It got better, but that’s Wednesday’s story!

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