Flamingo island and going upscale

Pretty much the reason I booked the Renaissance hotel was their private island. So after checking out and storing my luggage I hopped in the water taxi and zipped along with fellow eager island goers.

The island is small and comprised of an adult beach with the flamingos and then a family friendly section. And iguanas were everywhere!

It is beautiful but also crowded. Personally I found the water to be a little cool and sadly some clouds rolled in and was rather breezy. Yep. I was cold. Geesh. 85 and I was chilled.

The flamingos are not shy about approaching people. They’re well accustomed to tourists buying feed and seem to think that if you stand near them you will feed them! And I’m nearly convinced the iguanas understand English.

After a few hours I headed back to collect my luggage and head up to the Ritz-Carlton.

The Ritz doesn’t disappoint in its pure resortness. I’ve a lovely ocean view room. The grounds are spectacular and the staff incredibly welcoming. After mentioning the disaster that was my hair from the ocean and water taxi I was treated to a complimentary salon visit for a wash and blow dry. Talk about surprised!

It’s definitely drawn a different vacationer than the Renaissance. Marriott Ocean Villas and Marina hotel seemed to have an older crowd. More group vacationers and a few solos. So far here it’s couples and some families and seems to be a little younger. Also more Europeans. At first glance folks look better in their swimsuits here. Sigh.

Well tomorrow is snorkeling!

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