Frankfurt, Germany Christmas market

Frankfurt was the last stop on our German Christmas Markets trip. After several days in quiet Würzburg we were back on the train for the two hour tip to Frankfurt.

While Nuremberg and Würzburg have charm, Frankfurt had sheer size! Our hotel was just outside the northern end of where the market started. Loved being able to just walk everywhere on this trip. Only exception was using Uber between train stations, airport and hotels.

Street after street and square after square were full of booths and crowds all enjoying the massive Frankfurt market which seemed to be made up mostly with food vendors. There just wasn’t time to try a fraction of the offerings.

Food everywhere! And crowds. Crowds everywhere! Turned out this was the last weekend of the market so the crowds were definitely out.

Culturally, Frankfurt was a massive melting pot with tourists from around the world. Lots of languages being spoken with English abundant in the restaurants, booths and hotels.

Here are a few other pictures of the market.

All in all another fantastic trip. Next time though I’m going someplace warm!

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