German Christmas markets

I hope to get back and finish up some of the prior years trips but wanted to first share a more recent adventure. Christmas Markets! German Christmas markets!

I’ve been in Europe when some of the markets were just getting underway but never to a full-fledged market. This trip accomplished goal of a total market experience.

The plan was to experience some of the best and most notable German markets: Nurnberg, Wurzburg and Frankfurt. Each are u inquest in their attractions and attractees.

Here’s the recap and highlights. We arrived in Frankfurt from Dallas around 9am and immediately took the train directly from the airport to Nurnberg. Jet lagged and exhausted we checked into our hotel and after a too brief nap headed out to explore.

The Nurnberg markets sprawls over numerous streets leading up to the main square with off-shoots to other minor squares.

The primary booths seemed to be ornaments and artisan Christmas decor. Bakeries selling gingerbread and other goodies and of course the spiced wine stalls and sausage vendors.

And the crowds! Daytime is crowded but at night the crowds are thick. I didn’t manage a crowd picture in Nurnberg but you’ll get the idea soon.

Nurnberg seemed to attract lots of tourists from around Germany. The shopkeepers spoke fantastic English though I didn’t hear much in the crowds.

Despite the cold (froze my hiney off) we really enjoyed wandering this beautiful city.

A world reality check was visiting the Nazi history museum (easy tram ride). It’s a chilling and extremely well done museum documenting the rise and fall of the Nazi party. We spent a surprisingly long time there reading the displays and listening to the audio. That evening the markets helped bolster spirits again.

After several days we hopped back in a train for the two-hour ride to Würzburg (that’s me in the right if you’re new and my friend Linda in the left).

A smaller town with another charming Christmas market. This one was different in both it’s size and goods. There weren’t as many ornament booths yet there were more food stalls. The attendance also changed to a younger and more European tourist. It’s a university town so expected the younger crowd. There was also much less English spoken which surprised me. We never had an issue communicating but it was a definite shift from Nuremberg.

Here are a few scenes from Würzburg. One consistent element to the markets is that everyone comes out to enjoy the evening.

One thing we really enjoyed touring was the Residence. Beautiful palace and winter added a stark beauty to the grounds.

And while Würzburg didn’t have as many ornament vendors I steadily added to my growing collection.

I’ll continue Frankfurt under another post. Stay tuned!

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