Thai or not tapas – Koh Tapas

Wandering around Bath I spotted a joint billing themselves as Thai tapas. Interesting. I figured small Thai plates. Small servings of my favorite Thai dishes seemed a perfect end to a very busy day. 

It was crowded. Lots of locals, tourists and the stereotypical Hen party. More on that later. 

Being a party of one I was seated at small table near the bar. The service was attentive and atmosphere the cosmopolitan interpretation of hipster Thai.  

 I eagerly accepted the menu and found none of the expected Thai classics. No papaya salad. No chicken lemongrass soup. “We have this instead,” was the answer to everything.  Top recommendation was the 24 hour ribs and the dim sum.  

They came out shockingly fast and the ribs weren’t the small Asian sticky ribs I expected but a huge plate of large falling apart tender beef rib. The downside was the over the top infusion of soy sauce. Tender and abundant but soy infused and nothing reminisce of Thailand.    

  Dim sum was essentially shrimp Shu Mai. Tasty but also floating in a garlic infused soy sauce. 

 Overall, fantastic service and great atmosphere but not what one would expect of true Thai. 

Not someplace I’d return.  

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