Guided walk of Bath

This morning I joined the Mayor’s Guides of Bath on an extremely informative and free walking tour of the city.   Nearly 100 people gathered in front of the Roman Baths. We were divided into manageable groups and off we went. Not only is the walking tour free but guides are not allowed to accept tips.

The walking is fast paced and a lot of ground is covered in just over two hours. It’s steep and fast so not for the mobile challenged. It is however a great way to learn the history of the city. From the ancient Roman connections to the vast Palladian architecture the walk was definitely a highlight and allowed me the opportunity to learn the city and determine where to return. 

Below are just a few highlights. Starting at the Abby

Our guide Anne is in the front. Sorry, Anne for including you. While she’s the Chairman of the guides her recent dental surgery had her a bit under the weather. Talk about a dedicated guide!

 We learned about the architecture of the city and  worked our way uphill to the Crescent.  Over to the Circus and the former home of famed painted Gainsborough. While this isn’t his house the flowering vines were gorgeous (his door is towards the end). 

 We ended our walk down the river where the the weather became gorgeous and the rest of the day awaits.  


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