Arrival in Paris

After months of planning and anticipation Linda and I are finally is Paris. I’ll come back and leave a detailed day one report but here’s the exhausted jet lagged gist.

First off I will never again book a flight arriving in the early morning. We connected in Chicago so the actual flight time is less than 8 hours. Between dinner, settling in and arrival prep sleeping time was down to only about 4 hours.

We took the train into Paris and were squeezed into standing room only with luggage, pets and the unwashed for nearly an hour. Our departure station popped us up nearly in front of Notre Dame. Finally we have arrived!



It was a relatively short stroll to the hotel where we dropped our bags and ventured down to Luxembourg Garden. We picked the garden simply for the sake that we (okay, me) could lie down in the grass. The dew damp feather and poop dusted grass. I enjoyed every moment.

Finally we were able to check into our room for a much-needed nap. After a couple of hours it was time to do some light sightseeing with the first stop – food!

Our hotel is on Boulevard St. Germaine surrounded by cheese and meat shops, bakeries and cafés. It’s perfect. A small market pops up in a plaza just steps away. We will definitely explore. Personally I love a country where shops are dedicated to just cheese.

We dinned at a typical Parisian cafe sharing a Croque Monsieur, a St. Germaine salad and a small 2-glass pitcher of house Chardonnay. The salad was constructed similar to a Nicoise with ingredients arranged on a platter and consisted of ham, cheese, warm potatoes, tomatoes and a carrot salad. All drizzled with a Dijon olive oil dressing. Delicious.

Also fun was being admired by two Parisian gentlemen. I was pretending to show Linda the picture viewer and instead captured our admirers.


As we departed I ended up chatting with them for a few moments as they flirted by asking where I was from and guessing what part of California. Very sweet. Afterwards we wandered through the St Michele tourist zone, admired Notre Dame and strolled the island detouring just enough on the right bank to get a distant view of the Eiffel Tower.


There is so much to see and do over the coming days and yes, lots of photos will be shared. But for now it’s time for a well deserved night sleep! A bientot.

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