Another adventure is coming soon!

It’s been a little quiet here on the blog front, but don’t worry I’ve been busy flying all over the country for business. Nearly every week has been a different city. Chicago, Dallas, New York, Charlotte, Chicago again . . . on and on. For the next two weeks I’m doing something novel – not flying!

Of course there’s a big trip on the horizon. In just 2 weeks, it’s off to France for nearly 2 full weeks. Two full weeks! Most of my trips are a week but this one is reminisce of some of my earlier adventures in duration.

Once again I’ll be traveling with my friend Linda. She’s never been to France and is pretty darn excited. I’m always excited to go to France. Especially Paris. I love Paris.

We’ll start with five nights in Paris with a day trip to Versailles. After picking up a car we’ll explore the Loire Valley and stay two nights in Amboise.  Upon reaching château overload it’s off to Burgundy. One night in the northern area staying in Vezelay then down to Beaune for two nights exploring the wine trails.  Our last night and departure will be in Lyon.

This one has been a long time in planning, researching and here’s hoping we’ve our timing right! The countdown is on.

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