Edinburgh adventure begins

I’m making my first foray to Scotland. The region beckons with castles, whisky and the highlands. However this trip is finding me basing out of Edinburgh for about a week and simply exploring the immediate area with perhaps a day trip or two.

The trip started out with a major surprise as I was upgraded from my business class seat to first class. I always purchase coach and with my frequent flier status I can usually upgrade to the next cabin for free if available. The wait is a bit like I imagine Russian Roulette. A double upgrade is unheard of so they must have really needed my seat. End result was me being delighted beyond belief. Especially as this is the fancy 777 wide body which is awesome.

Seriously, the seat has a massage function. Lots of digital bells and whistles.

Having flown business class I can honestly say that while the service is fantastic in first, there is very little difference between first and business class on the new 777s. Perhaps a bit more room. Still, it was pretty special.

I slept nearly the entire flight to London so arrived ready to transfer, and feeling rather alert. But, despite this, I did try to board the wrong flight to Edinburgh! Darn those 24 hour digital clocks. Instead of returning to the lounge, I spent an hour or so chatting with some local business travelers at a bar near my departure gate.

After finally arriving in Edinburgh I took the airport bus into town for a mere £4 to then walk a few blocks to my hotel. Easy and inexpensive. This is also another reason to save those smaller bills from previous trips. Small bills are essential! I initially wanted to take the tram, but it was temporarily closed apparently due to a person being stabbed on the tracks! Yikes.

I’m staying at the Glasshouse, an Autograph hotel which is part of Marriott. My status affords me a suite with lovely balcony and views.


This has to be the largest room I’ve ever had in Europe. Extremely impressive. The bed is super comfortable with nice fluffy down pillows. The bathroom nicely appointed and overall extremely well equipped. 20140704-220121-79281427.jpg

The floor to ceiling curtains open to reveal a huge patio with city views. Thankfully the dark curtains block out the 4 am – 10:30 pm sunlight!20140704-220122-79282410.jpgAfter checking in I wandered down to a pub and dove into my first Scottish experience – haggis. Having essentially grown up in New Orleans I can say if you’ve had boudin, you’ve had haggis.

I ordered these haggis fritters and must admit they were delicious. The haggis is a crumbly texture full of flavor. If you forget the horror story of how it’s made you’ll like it!

Now I’m dealing with the fact that it’s after 10 pm and still nearly broad daylight. My internal clock is screwed up. Just outside the hotel the streets beckon. Old churches, gorgeous architecture and pubs spilling out soccer fans.

So now, I’m at the hotel looking back at my long day and enjoying a nice whisky compliments of the hotel as I think about tomorrow’s adventure. Oh. And my room is of course named after a distillery.

Life is good.

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