Salzburg day 1/2

After a four-hour layover we were finally on our way to Salzburg. To date, I believe to may be the smallest plane I’ve flown. Looked like something from a children’s play set with its primary colors and propellers.

Cute, but extremely loud and resulted in the longest 1 1/2 hour flight ever as we bumped, vibrated and jostled our was through the skies. I imagine the approach was lovely but I focused on breathing and not being ill.


The Salzburg airport is tiny and very reminisce of the smaller airports along the California coast with upstairs restaurants overlooking the runway. Bags are returned quickly and in moments we were speeding off in a taxi to the historic city center. Impressions are sheer rock walls, castles perched on edges, alpine homes nestled among modern dwellings and a sense of history and welcome.

We’ve checked into the Best Western Hotel Elefant smack in the pedestrian old town and couldn’t be happier. Large fifth floor room with a separate bed room and sitting room. Very large for European standards and perfect for our needs. Plus a nice side view of the Salzburg Cathedral while facing the quiet rear courtyard.

After a quick nap it was time to explore. Every so often I serendipitously experience a true local festival. This trip is no different as the marketplace and squares filling the old town are packed with St. Rupert’s Fair. Food stalls, arts and crafts, schnapps, local wines, sausages, beer halls and rides that would make any insurance company cringe and accident attorney excited. And pastries, wow, the pastries!

We fortified on a bit of beer and sausage from a stall then continued to wander.

Impressive are so many of the locals young and old wearing their traditional dress. I just can’t see American teens doing the same.

We continued to stroll the old town encountered festival filled market squares around every corner then headed to the other side of the river to explore Mirabella Gardens. Throughout Salzburg, the fortress looms over the town reminding you of medieval times.

The gardens are beautifully laid out and swarmed with tour buses hoards looking to relive scenes of a Sound of Music fame. Recognize the Pegasus fountain? Feel like breaking into sound and dancing around behInd your governess?


After escaping the gardens, we returned to the old town for dinner and another stroll through the numerous festival filled squares. Everyone was simply out for a good time whether riding horrible stomach churning fair attractions, competing for stuffed animals or enjoying a rowdy beer hall.

Yes, there are people being whirled around in there!

We opted to sample the liqueurs and schnapps. Good nightcap don’t you think?


Now, off to bed for tomorrow is another full day!

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