Reliving my most annoyed lounge moment

Every so often I relive my most annoyed lounge moment. I understand policy. I live policy, but sometimes policy is just stupid.

According to the Admirals Club policy with American Airlines if you are a club member you may have one guest or, your immediate family. No limit on family. None. I’ve been in lounges full of screaming children. Sometimes well behaved kids. Sometimes not.

A few years back I was traveling with my parents and seeking entry to the lounge in London. Not only do I have a paid subscription but as a One World emerald traveler on an international business class ticket I’ve pretty much lounge access to just about any club. The kicker was the “one guest” policy.

But apparently I could have five screaming children and be okay, but my parents don’t qualify for immediate family? Huh? How does that make sense? I’m also not one to make a scene and for the most part there’s no way I could have a customer facing job without going ballistic at least once a day, but there’s a point when common sense comes into play.

Thankfully a manager was at the desk and permitted entry. But should it have taken a manager? Especially as a moment later, yep you guessed it, a member came in with his wife and four children without batting an eye.

Sometimes policy just doesn’t make sense.

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  1. SueZ says:

    Well, I for one…OK, two…appreciate your eye contact with the manager.

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