Another RV adventure coming up

Renting an RV in Alaska was so much fun that it had to be repeated. But, just not in Alaska. This time we’re renting an RV locally and venturing to Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks in May.

We reserved a small 22″ RV through El Monte RVs and learned that our Great Alaskan rental experience was rather inclusive. Seems most of the lower 48 rental agencies charge for many of the things that were included in Great Alaskan such as plates, cooking equipment, bedding, etc.  The only advantage we have is since we’re renting locally we can use our own equipment.

The other thing we noticed were the rental pick/up and return times are rather limited. Pick up is always in the afternoon to late afternoon with return being in the morning.  So, we’ll be picking up and parking in my driveway to stock up our supplies. Then returning to park in my driveway, unpack, clean the RV and return the next  morning. At least we’ll have the time to move into the RV. Alaska was a bit hurried in throwing in our gear and immediately hitting the road.

As to our route, we plan on staying three nights in Sequoia then four in Yosemite.  The early adventure with Yosemite was booking the campsite. It is highly competitive to reserve the campgrounds in Yosemite.  The park system opens the reservation system on the 15th of the month at 7am pacific for reservations within a 30 day window five months in advance.

So, on January 15th we were logged in to the reservation system with our selected campsites for the period of May 15 – June 15. Within minutes the best sites were gone. Within hours, every campsite for the entire period at all campgrounds in Yosemite were gone. Somehow we lucked out and got a really great site!

We had researched the different sites to determine which ones best fit our needs. Some sites can accommodate larger RVs but most go to 24″ which is one reason we selected a smaller RV. There were also tips we followed, such as already having an account with the reservation system and being logged in ready to go as soon as the reservation window opened. Definitely glad we followed these tips as things went fast!

Sequoia will be another story. We’re going a bit early in the season so there are no reservations available. It will be first come-first served. From what I can figure though, this park is a little easier to get in so hopefully we won’t have a problem.

Countdown is on for the California RV Adventure!

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