So, how many miles did I fly?

I’m frequently asked by friends and family exactly how many miles I flew this past year. It’s not the easiest thing to figure out.

The majority of my travel is with American Airlines so it’s pretty easy to see my total mileage, but that includes bonus miles awarded. To complicate matters they periodically run programs where bonus miles even count toward annual qualifications so it takes a bit more work to figure out actual flown miles.

So, here’s what I can determine:

  • Miles earned on American in 2012:  just over 152,000
  • Bonus miles earned in 2012: about 25,000
  • Actual miles flown in 2012: about 150,000

The actual miles flown subtract the bonus miles from miles earned but also add in several trips taken with award tickets (including a trip to Europe). But, overall that’s a lot of miles!




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  1. suez says:

    yes, but how many in your “traveling” career? Hilary says a million…I bet you can beat her.

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