I may now be spoiled

Fast cars, diamonds, luxurious goods, and kids that listen. While many people fantasize about these things, I’ve dreamed of international first class air travel.
Business class has become an old hat. Comfortable, definitely more spacious and luxurious then coach, but the lure of the first class cabin has been calling yet until now out of reach.

Thanks to a business trip to Brazil I was able to purchase business class airfare and upgrade to first class. It’s called the Flagship Suite.

Large swivel chair that reclines perfectly flat. A nice working counter, large tray table and even an ottoman where your guest may sit buckled up, or in my case my slippered feet could perch. Yes, slippers. And they even provide pajamas for when it’s time for some shut eye.

I found myself giddy like a long deprived kid in a candy store. And to be perfectly honest I may have giggled a time or two.

The meal service is technically the same menu as business class, yet the seafood appetizer is prepared to your specification as is the salad tossed exactly as you’d wish. All-in-all, a delightful experience.

I’m lucky enough to experience most of my international travel in business class, but I’ll still hope that occasionally I may have the luxury of international first class. It’s nice. Very nice.

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  1. Sue Zabritski says:

    To you, a seasoned business class traveler, this may seem to be Nirvana. But to me, a seasoned retiree, it looks like my recliner in front of my 47″ hi-def flat screen. Sorry.

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