Traveling solo

“I could never go on a trip by myself” seems to be one of the first things most women gasp when I tell them I’m going on a vacation by myself.

Which of course leads me to expound upon all the benefits of traveling solo:

  1. Going where you want when you want
  2. Approaching/or being approached by locals seems to be easier
  3. Opportunity to take time just for yourself
  4. Discounted “solo” hotel rooms are frequently available
  5. Gain a sense of accomplishment, etc

But ultimately, I try to find out what exactly is behind a person’s fear of traveling solo. It seems while most folks are perfectly able to go on a business trip by themselves the thought of spending an entire vacation solo is intimidating.

When I dig a little deeper often the fear of being lonely comes up. And specifically the fear of being lonely at meal times. While during the day time the sites and attractions keep us entertained the evening meal can be a challenge.

So, I head out in the evening armed with a book. Tour book, novel, journal or something to help keep me occupied.  I’m also a bit into what people lovingly call Food Porn so I’ll snap photos of my meals and on more than one occasion while jotting down notes in a journal I was asked if I was a food writer. I provided a vague answer but noticed my service improved immediately.

There have been very few occasions on my travels where I’ve been lonely. Each trip has been opportunities to discover a bit more about a city, a culture and myself and I’ve never regretted a single experience.

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