It’s not going away, and it’s not going to get easier. Just deal with it and let TSA do their job. In order to make security a seamless process have everything prepared and ready to go. Make sure your liquids are in the proper size containers and all fit neatly into your bag (for more information visit  Be sure your bag is also  easily accessible in line. Nothing will irritate the folks around you then having to unzip your suitcase to dig for your zippie bag!

If you carry a purse, clean it out the day before travel to make sure you’re not carrying anything that could hold you up. Same goes for your laptop case.

TSA recently posted that iPads, Kindles, tablets and the like do NOT need to be removed and placed separately in the bin. You can leave these in your carry-on bags.

It also helps to wear clothing that’s relatively free from adornment, belts easy to remove and have shoes that are easy to take off. Jackets and zip up sweatshirts will have to come off so be prepared!   And when you’re through, please don’t lolligag.  Slide your stuff as far down the belt as possible and get the heck out of the way!

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