If found, please return!

My willpower that is.  I seem to have lost it so if you come across it, please return. My good “diet” intentions seem to abandon me in the evenings. Yes, I know, it’s not a diet – it’s a lifestyle. Well, it’s a lifestyle that I only seem to visit from 7 am until around 5 pm, then my lifestyle turns into hedonistic instant gratification!

My morning started out wonderfully, heating up the oatmeal cup I purchased from the grocery along with wonderful fresh cut cantaloupe and raspberries (I love raspberries). Lunch was a grilled chicken salad (hold all the good stuff) and had the dressing on the side where I dutifully dipped my fork prior to spearing that dry lettuce.

After work, I ran a few errands to some stores that we don’t have back home, and well, I was thirsty – it’s hot here. Really hot. Thirsty and feeling a bit peckish so I popped into Coopers Hawk Winery & Restaurant. A nice crisp Sauvignon Blanc seemed just the thing. The lovely cheese board also seemed appropriate.

Delicious. Perfectly paired with some additional wine tastings. Lovely. “Diet” friendly, not so much.

But, did I stop there? Of course not. Remember the lack of willpower? Feeling completely refreshed I continued with my errands, dropped my car back at the hotel and walked (hey walking, it’s exercise) over to the new restaurant Lincoln Whiskey Kitchen.

Creamy whiskey mushroom soup, roast chicken, mashed potatoes and my “vegetable” was the whiskey bacon mac & cheese (yep, no willpower). But, hey, I took the skin off the chicken, dieting don’tcha know. This was all paired with another glass of wine, and the whiskey tasting flight for desert.

Holy bejeebers, how the heck do I count that! But, count it I will. If for no other reason than to teach me a lesson that I may or may not learn from.

Today’s a new day so we’ll see if I find my willpower somewhere along today’s travels.

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