Summer Travel and Revelations

Egads, travel in the summer! Astronomincal airfare, familes, screaming children and airport ramblers. You know, ramblers. Those people who aimlessly meander the airport wihtout any sense of direction. Weaving right to left leaving you second guessing how to break around them and continue on your way. Ramblers. They’re also the same folks who stop when they reach the top of the escalator or in the middle of the airport terminal to adjust something. Ramblers. Geesh.

Another downside of summer travel are all the holiday travelers enjoying their awared tickets in the first class cabin. Heck, don’t blame them but that means there are fewer seats for those of us with status to upgrade! But, I must admit, nothing makes me cringe quite so much as children in first class. Just wish they’d send their cocktails back to coach. I think my fellow frequent flyers agree that we look forward to the end of summer and the return to “normalcy.”

So, how does one recover from this summer travel chaos? Most well developed sane people would probably exercise or do some deep breathing.  Me? Well, I did my deep breathing over a flight of whiskey. Yes, yes, I know . . . how is that on your Weight Watchers diet? Well, everyting is on a WW diet, you just have to count it.

There’s a new restaurant next to my usual hotel called Lincoln Whiskey Kitchen and boy is it good. Sorry, but there’s no photo of my dinner as I simply couldn’t wait to dig in. My filet was incredibly flavorful and perfectly cooked (normally I’d order a ribeye, but the filet is leaner and smaller). It was served atop a small mound of the most delicious mashed potoates I may have ever had along with a wonderful roast beet salad.

After this wonderful meal, I decided to give my wine pallet a foray into whiskey. With the help of Nancy behind the bar I choose her recommended whiskey flight and learned how to taste whiskey.

My flight consisted of a selection of their specially selected and bottled whiskeys and included Four Roses Single Barrel, Woodford Reserve Blend and Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel.

Revelations of revelations, whiskey is good! Or perhaps it’s good whiskey is good?  I was impressed with the distinctive notes of each of the three whiskeys. Ranging from slightly sweet and floral to oaky with a butterscotch finish. Really enjoyable and looking forward to returning tomorrow night.

Last stop of the evening was the local grocery store where I stocked up on fresh cut fruit and some oatmeal cups for breakfast.  Now for a couple days of meetings and then it’s back to the summer chaos of O’Hare International Airport . . . also known as my last flight before going to Paris in two weeks!

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