Points, planes and pinot!

In case you haven’t noticed, I enjoy a good meal and even better is a good meal with a great glass of wine. The pairing of the two is one of the ways I choose my vacations. Simple rule – go to places with good food and drink.

However, on those flights where I’m squished into a coach seat (and boy do I dislike flying coach), I’m becoming more and more squished. Since I don’t see the airlines reconfiguring their planes to accommodate for my growing waistline it’s time to make a change. The change is Weight Watchers.

I joined two weeks ago and am now in week three of the program and attending meetings on Saturday (4.6 lbs down so far!) So, you may notice my blog taking a slightly different angle as I try to figure out how to stay on program and within my WW PointsPlus range while still jetting across the country. Saying no to warm nuts, an open bar and those yummy little cheese trays. Oh my.


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